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Newsletter - Issue 37
Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine
August 15, 2014

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HIV: human vaccine still depends on wide studies

Research by Brazilian and American scientists points to a new paradigm to elaborate a vaccine against the virus. Results are promising and expected anxiously, especially by the poorest populations

For years scientists have studied ways to contain the advance of the HIV infections. Currently, 35.3 million people worldwide live with the virus, from which 69% are in sub-Saharan Africa. The problem that affects mainly the tropical countries still has no cure and, to have its dissemination controlled, more time is needed to present effective results for humans.

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Research tries to explain why HIV transmission is sexist

Dr. Jonathan M. Carlson's main goal Is to develop statistical models able to help understand the HIV's adaptive response to the immune system. He has been working closely to biological and medical researchers

Men and women that have sex with men have greater chances (2 and 20 times more, respectively) to be infected by the HIV than heterosexual men.

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As Sierra Leone's only expert in hemorrhagic fevers, he was aware of the risks and continued to work tirelessly caring for more than 100 patients

Dr. Sheik Umar Khan dies after being infected by the Ebola virus while coordinating control measures

The Ebola virus has killed 1.069 people since the beginning of the year in four African countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). A survey released by the entity in July 27 pointed to 339 deaths in Guinea Conakry, 233 in Sierra Leone.

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The African nation has the highest hepatitis C prevalence rate in the world, reaching 14.7% of the 80.71 million people population

High prices make new drugs against hepatitis C impossible in the african nations

A silent disease that affects between 130 and 150 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), especially in tropical weather countries in Asia and Africa. This is hepatitis C, that remains years unseen of 80% of the infected due to the lack of symptoms in most of the cases.

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Below is a selection of for this month of august of publications related to Tropical Medicine from important international journals.

Assessment of second-line antiretroviral regimens for HIV therapy in Africa

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Vitamin D: a new
anti-infective agent?

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Proposition about the end of CD4 tests in Brazil raises debate

Experts say the test is a right of HIV positive people. NGOs and entities such as the National Network of People living with HIV/Aids should be heard

The possible end of new acquisitions of the CD4 exam by the Health Ministry (HM) in 2015, according to an article by Agencia Estado has raised discussions especially among entities dealing directly with HIV positive people. The procedure is considered to be fundamental for patients to know their immune and viral conditions and decide about the treatment.

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August 22 and 23 - 2014

Central Brazilian Congress of Infectious Diseases, Infection Control, Immunisation and Tropical Medicine

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August 26-30 2014

50th Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine
Rio Branco/AC

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September 21 and 24 - 2014

XII International meeting on Paracoccidioidomycosis and other mycoses
Finatec – Brasilia/DF

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October 8 and 11 - 2014

Symposium to celebrate 100 years of the Chromoblastomycosis first clinical case report
São Luis/MA

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