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Newsletter - Issue 15
Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine
October 15, 2012

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Congress encourages scientific production in Brazil

Brazil is of fundamental importance in disseminating technology, science and culture throughout the tropical world. It's the time of the tropics to take care of their own problems and not just wait for solutions

Altogether more than 2,500 participants from 62 countries gathered in Rio de Janeiro, for the 18th International Congress on Tropical Medicine and Malaria (ICTMM) to discuss the progress made in combating tropical diseases, which affect around 1 billion people worldwide. Brazil and Holland are, so far, the only two countries who have organized and hosted the event twice, since the first edition of the Tropical Medicine Congress, which was held in 1913 in London, England, according to Dr. José Coura, Congress President and researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC/Fiocruz).

The Health Minister, Alexandre Padilha, believes the Congress re-establishes Brazil as the international leader in production and research related to neglected diseases. "Brazil cannot miss this opportunity, not only to be a leader in knowledge, but also regarding its economy. Due to the geographical dimensions of our country we have a wide variety of infectious diseases ranging from the most common in the Amazon region, such as malaria...

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The expectation is that Brazilian states held hostage by tropical diseases may have answers to some important questions that are not studied in other countries, because they are not issues in developed countries that are the major funders of research

SP Health Secretary will release an official announcement for research in tropical diseases

The idea began recently in the state. The São Paulo Department of Health (SES/SP) is negotiating with the Research Support Foundation (FAPESP), which is the funding body, over the transfer of resources to open a tender for the development of studies on tropical diseases. "First we'll take a look, along with civil society, at what is needed to resolve some negligible issues", explains Dr. Marcos Boulos, coordinator of the SES/SP Coordination and Control of Diseases, which is banking on substantial resources to study the solutions.
"We assume that neglected diseases are such because society is not organized in a way to solicit its rights...

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The development of new strategies, such as Wolbachia and vaccines, allied to the current strategies available, will make the prevention and control of dengue more effective

Brazil bets
on bacteria to
block transmission of dengue

Brazilian researchers are testing a new strategy for dengue control. Their research consists in the use of the bacterium Wolbachia to contain the spread of this virus in the mosquito Aedes aegypti. The announcement was made by Fiocruz during the 18th International Congress on Tropical Medicine and Malaria (ICTMM), held in Rio de Janeiro.
The research program is led by Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) with various collaborators. The project is part of the nonprofit international effort of the Program "Eliminate Dengue: Our Challenge", which tests the method in Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and now Brazil.

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Médecins Sans Frontières launches report on tropical diseases in Brazil

There could be a rapid improvement in the quality of life of people with tropical diseases if there were an increase in the supply of better strategies and diagnostics, as disclosed in the report

The analysis of past, present and future management of tropical diseases, was presented in a study developed by the humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). The report, titled Fighting Neglect, presents the experience of 25 years of MSF in the management of Chagas disease, sleeping sickness and leishmaniasis. Presented for the first time in Brazil, during the 18th International Congress on Tropical Medicine and Malaria, the study concludes that access to quality care requires more political efforts by major international donors and affected countries.

"The policy makers do not focus efforts on neglected diseases, arguing that there are adequate facilities to treat patients.

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New times: Tropical Medicine for cities and beyond

Tropical Medicine is dedicated to the most vulnerable part of the worldwide population, with special attention to their health problems that need further scientific research and care

Although Tropical Medicine implies, by definition, the wide range of health problems that threaten over 40% of the world population residing in the Tropics, Tropical Medicine is shrinking.

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National Traffic Week warns about Motorcycles accidents

Brazil has 43,000 victims of traffic accidents per year

Motorbike accidents have already led to more than 10,000 hospitalizations this year

New technique for AIDS vaccine is highlighted in Nature magazine

IPT creates project for encapsulating AIDS drugs

Hemobrás gets 1st batch of raw materials for the production of products used in the treatment of AIDS

Government shall pay full costs of AIDS from 2013

Cheaper vaccination against cholera will be tested in Ethiopia from October

Africa on high alert because of cholera

Bacteria and new vaccines may rid Brazil of dengue in a few years, forecasts the Ministry of Health

Malaria vaccine will be tested in 2013

Fake malaria drugs may be being sold in Africa

Scientists find birds with malaria in regions of Alaska

Research in the Amazon evaluates the relationship between malaria and HIV patients

Scientists discover new mosquito that transmits malaria

The compound that blocks parasite growth linked to Malaria has been synthesized

Research tests alternative treatment for HIV positive patients with TB

Mysterious kidney disease affects thousands in 2 continents and intrigues researchers

Thirty-two deaths from Ebola

MSF warns about lack of tropical disease research

About 500,000 people die annually of 17 neglected tropical diseases

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation selects innovative projects in partnership with FAPESP

Brazil is an example in the eradication of animal and human rabies in the world, says the international organization WSPA

More than 50,000 people die of rabies worldwide, says WHO

Resalta OMS prevención contra enfermedades crónicas

Consolidation aids water business in western Conn

Caricom se une a coalición regional contra el cólera en La Española

La OMS advierte de que el cólera ha causado 273 muertos en Sierra Leona y el brote se sigue extendiendo

When infectious diseases give way to chronic ones

Pastoralists Played Major Role in Ending Rinderpest

Africa: Senators Coons, Wicker Announce Bipartisan Caucus on Combating Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases


India slowly confronts epidemic of missing children

Anticipating the Next Pandemic

Leprosy on the rise in India seven years after disease was 'eradicated'

Single vaccine may fight TB, leprosy

Manila: Massive flooding last month results in over 1700 leptospirosis cases

Facing anti-malaria nets, mosquitoes alter habits: study

Malaria cure is in sight, say researchers

Aid drop hits Millennium goals campaign: UN

The price paid by HIV-positive prisoners

La industria y las ONG comparten el progreso conjunto del control de las enfermedades tropicales abandonadas

Más de 51000 hondureños han muerto violentamente en 12 años

Anemia crónica causa severos problemas en los niños

Technological Landscapes: Advanced Intravenous Iron-Deficiency-Anemia

Designed to work on the promotion of Tropical Medicine, the new section brings Good Science publications in prestigious international journals.

In order to promote discussion between members, the selection does not diminish other excellent works published elsewhere, possibly as good or better than those disclosed herein. We await comments, criticisms and suggestions so we can better spread the good science in Tropical Medicine.

To choose, use the PubMed. We include keywords and then enrolled in the alert list for the results, sent monthly. Finally, we send e-mail to authors requesting authorization for publication.

Contraception and health (John Cleland, Agustin, Herbert, John, Amy)

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Tuberculosis in Children (Carlos M., and Ben J. Marais, M.D., Ph.D.)

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October 20 to 24

XXXVII Congress of the Brazilian Society of Immunology - Campos do Jordão

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October 22 to 26

XXIII Brazilian Congress of Parasitology - Florianópolis/SC

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Until October 26

Postgraduate Program in Tropical Medicine is taking applications for the selection process for its Masters and Doctors programs for the first semester of 2013

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24 March 2013

Third Global Forum on TB Vaccines - Cape Town, South Africa

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May 13 to 17, 2013

Worldleish 5 - V World Congress on Leishmaniasis - Porto de Galinhas/PE

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