Morre o Prof. Alexandre Peixoto

Publicação: 12 de February de 2013

Alexandre PeixotoThis Sunday, the scientific community lost Alexandre Peixoto who was the victim of a fatality that occurred while kayaking down the Tres Rios river.

Alexandre was only 50, but had an extraordinary scientific background for his age. He graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with a master’s degree in the field of Biological Sciences. He the n took his doctorate at the University of Leicester in England, followed by postdoctoral studies in the United States. He arrived at Fiocruz in 1997, full of the novelties that he had developed in England.

Surrounded by students, he built a fascinating sound laboratory that could record the beating wings of insects. He amused himself with circadian rhythms and had a fascination with fruit flies. This experience formed the basis for the incredible investment that he made in the genetics of vectors that are important for Brazilian health, Aedes, Phlebotimae, Culicidae.

His way of looking at life can be seen from the summary that he presented as a 1A researcher in his Lattes CV: a single sentence. He had a simplicity and respect for the opinion of others. He had a sense of humor, and valued life. We have lost a researcher and a friend.