Death Notice: Prof. Dr. Joffre Marcondes de Rezende

Publicação: 27 de January de 2015

The emeritus professor died at the age of 93, from which 64 dedicated to medicine

joffreIt is with great sorrow that the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (BSTM) informs the death of Prof. Dr. Joffre Marcondes de Rezende, last January 26th, in Goiania.

Prof. Joffre died at the age of 93, from which 64 were dedicated to medicine. He was one of the founders of the BSTM and the Brazilian Society of Medicine History. His path blends with the paths of the Federal University of Goias (UFG), his own Medical School, and his Clinics Hospital and his publishing house, among others. In short, he was a pioneer in the building of Brazilian center-west university.

He was acknowledged for his acting in clinical and research fields, being honored several times, among them, Emeritus Professor of the UFG (1992) and Honorary Doctor at the Brasilia University (UnB) in 2006. He was the founder and editor of the “Revista Goiana de Medicina” for 35 years. He is author and co-author of several articles and book chapters related to the medical field in Brazil and abroad. He is also the author of books “Linguagem Médica”, “Vertentes da Medicina” and “À Sombra do Plánato”. And until his last journey he kept writing articles on medical language for the “Revista de Patologia Tropical” (Tropical Pathology Journal) (an organ of the Brazilian Society of Parasitology). The last of these will be published in the journal’s next edition, and even further, since he also kept personally a website about his favorite themes (

Professor Joffre greatly contributed with the megaesophagus’  clinical and epidemiological studies and was the first researcher to affirm, in 1956, it is caused by Chagas’ Disease. The professor proposed the classification of megaesophagus in groups, until today used by the scientific community and recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In Medical School, he was always an enthusiast of the History of Medicine, acknowledged by his former students for his formation work ruled by ethics, professionalism and honor.