Professor Ligia Robalinho

Publicação: 22 de February de 2015

All of a sudden, on Feburary 22 2015 the professors at the Brasilia University Medical School were surprised when the news of the death of Professor Maria Ligia Robalinho Lima. What happened? How did this occur? Her colleagues form the Medical School and the teaching hospital in sorrow wondered, as they witnessed her retirement and recently honored her at the UnB’s Hospital Pediatric wing. All were surprised and perplexed, but in fact the Professor had passed away and despite the impact, we must accept and comply.

Professor Maria Ligia, for us colleagues, “Ligia” was born in Pernambuco State and graduated in the Pernambuco Federal University. Since 1977 she worked at the Brasilia University, still in the Sobradinho Integrated Health Unit, UnB’s first teaching hospital. Before this, she lectured at the Londrina Univeristy in Paraná State. Lecturing at UnB since 1977, she contributed with the formation of hundreds of physicians for the Federal District and Brazil. Pediatrician, she taught her students how to handle infectious and parasitic diseases in the Pediatrics ward and ambulatory, where besides orienting the treatment for several infectious and parasitic diseases, she gave special care for newborns from mothers with Chagas’ disease, until the doubt of inborn infection was cleared. With her enthusiasm, she cared for numerous children with Chagas’ disease until transferring them for the adult infectious diseases ambulatory. Having her origins in the Northeast and following the example of relative physicians, infectious and parasitic diseases researchers, at the Pernambuco Federal University she developed especial interest for the young with these diseases. For this reason, for decades, she was part of the Enhancement Course in Tropical Medicine by the Brasilia University and later of the Tropical Medicine Specialization Course, sharing her knowledge with compatriot and Latin-American physicians. As her brother and Priest during sermon well said, she played her part, developed the sacred mission at service of Public Health during her stay in the Planet of men. The professor never forgot the Northeast and had special sympathy for Pernambuco’s frevo music as her son said in his goodbye.

She will be missed by her family, Dr. Denio Lima, former professor at the Brasilia Univerisity and their three sons. The Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine, through its president Dr. Mitermayer Galvão dos Reis and the Regional BSTM through Dr. Dalcy Albuquerque Filho, offer their words of sympathy and comfort to her family and thank for the fruitful work she developed in the Federal District.…