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Newsletter - Issue 24
Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine
July 14, 2013

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The contents available in the social network have ensured the discussion of issues that are part of the tropical world, not just of Tropical Medicine, which directly or indirectly impact the health sector

The organizations are constantly facing challenges. More than problems, the challenges offer great advance and innovation opportunities. Through its newsletter, the website and MedTropL, the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (BSTM) conquered and has ben conquering more space, visibility and recognition each day more. Medias have revolutionized the BSTM.

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We only see motorcycle drivers using helmets in the big cities. In the interior, almost no one uses. And worse: they carry three, four people in a vehicle that can only transport two people

Alternatives can decrease accidents with motorcycles, says UnB researcher

In a traffic accident, it is necessary to consider two things: the road and the driver. According to Artur Morais, specialist in transportation public policy and researcher from the Brasilia University (UnB)...

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There are many questions on how to make the virus latent and if the drugs will be enough to fight them when they become latent and the safety of the chemical compounds used to stimulate them to leave this state

Aids cure:
promess or reality?

Much has been seen on media about studies that promise AIDS cure. Proposals are many. An article on the Diário do Nordeste highlights that dannish scientists are developing a new research promising to beat HIV.

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Inequalities favor violence in tropical countries

Poor people are not more violent, although the exclusion process and lack of access to services make them more vulnerable to violence, besides the other associated risk factors

A contagious disease that although attacks vulnerable individuals from all social ranks, it becomes an epidemic in the poor neighborhoods. Violence is a complex and multi-cause phenomena that strikes all countries and social ranks, in larger or lower proportion. According to Dr. Marta Silva, general coordinator of Non-contagious Diseases and Disorders (NCDD) from the Health Ministry, violence is closely related to social, economic and political determinants, as well as inequalities.

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New study reveals that skin odor attracts malaria infected mosquito

According to the journal, the research could prove that the infected P. falciparum were significantly more attracted by human odors than the not infected mosquitos

Human odor attracts malaria parasite infected mosquitos. The finding was registered in an article, published on PLOS – One, about a study that shows for the first time that infection from P. falciparum causes changes in the mosquito's behavioral responses when submitted to olfactory stimulation.

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Below is a selection of for this month of july of publications related to Tropical Medicine from important international journals.

Interim guidance: preexposure prophylaxis for the prevention of HIV infection in men who have sex with men

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Interim guidance for clinicians considering the use of preexposure prophylaxis for the prevention of HIV infection in heterosexually active adults.

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Profile: IAVI--searching for the Achilles' heel of HIV

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07-10 agosto 2013

XLIX Congresso da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical, Centro de Convenções Arquiteto Rubens Gil Camilo – Campo Grande/MS

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19-23 Maio 2013

8th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and Internacional Health Copenhagen

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10-13 de set. de 2013

5th Conference of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology Copenhagen

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22-26 de out. de 2013

XXIII Congresso Brasileiro de Parasitologia Florianópolis/SC

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20 a 23 de nov. de 2013

XIII National Meeting of Malaria Research - Manaus/AM

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