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Newsletter - Issue 11
Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine
June 15, 2012

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Ministry of Health says that tackling neglected diseases is a priority

Brazil is already considered a world leader in research on
neglected diseases and aims to further boost the production of knowledge in this field

Although the Federal Government announced a cut in the budget of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) for 2012, Dr. Carlos Gadelha, the Ministry of Health's Secretary for Science and Technology and Strategic Inputs, ensures that there has never been so much investment in research. "In research alone (not including the production of innovation), the Ministry of Health's allocation of resources has increased from R$ 70 million to R$ 110 million. Investment in the production of innovation has quadrupled, from R$ 50 million to R$ 250 million", says Dr. Carlos Gadelha. "The total investment is approximately R$ 360 million", he confirms.

According to the Ministry of Health secretary, in 2012 about R$ 200 million (R$ 110 million from the Ministry of Health and the remainder from partners such as CNPq) is allocated for the development of studies, especially those that focus on combating tropical diseases: the so-called neglected diseases. "Of the estimated research budget this year, 20% is for the Bid Notice for addressing neglected diseases. This is an acknowledgment, from the viewpoint of research. Currently, the Ministry of Health is taking a leap in quality", says the secretary, recalling that they also support the production of inputs to combat these neglected diseases. "We have to produce a broad group of drugs, in order to combat and treat these diseases. Brazil is using its purchasing power and coordinating with the private sector to try to encourage it to invest", says Dr. Gadelha, who states that despite the increase in investment for research and innovation, the allocated resources are still far from ideal.

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If the results of tests on humans confirm research already carried out with mice, it will undoubtedly be a great achievement for mankind

Research studies
the use of the Chagas disease parasite to prevent diabetes

Scientists at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) in Rio de Janeiro, have discovered that the parasite that causes Chagas disease can be used to prevent another incurable disease: type 1 diabetes, which afflicts 1 million Brazilians. The discovery has yet to be tested in humans, but researchers are optimistic.

The discovery at Fiocruz happened by chance. While researching Chagas disease, scientists found that mice that received the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi in the laboratory did not develop diabetes, despite being genetically prone to the disease.

In the evaluation of Dr. Cleudson Nery de Castro, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Brasilia (UnB), this study can be considered an achievement, but he warns that the unprecedented research is still experimental. "I expect that researchers will find out how the T.cruzi protects the animals from diabetes type I. Beneficial effects in humans are still to be confirmed and this takes time", says...

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According to the specialist, tuberculosis continues to pose a major public health
problem in Brazil

Tuberculosis incidence rate is still high, despite the announcement of a drop in cases

Ministry of Health data show that tuberculosis cases reported in the country in 2011 dropped 3.54% compared to the previous year: 69,245 in 2011 compared to 71,790 in 2010. But what caused such a drop? According to Dr. Tania Marcial, an infectologist at the Eduardo de Menezes Hospital in Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais, it is important to emphasize that the data are for February 2012, which means they are still preliminary and subject to revision.

She explains that the major difference is that for the first time the rate has fallen below 70,000 new cases/year. "New cases are considered as the smear positive cases that have never received treatment for tuberculosis or that received treatment for less than 30 days. When the absolute number is analyzed, the drop is 3.54%, but when we analyzed the incidence rate, the drop is only 1.6%", she says.

According to the expert, it is more correct to analyze the data using the incidence rate – which is the number of new cases/100,000...

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Medical Community demands investment in research and development

To expect that poor countries such as the ones in Africa, increase the percentage of their modest GDPs used for Research, Development and Innovation is certainly to conceal the problem of lack of a global system of governance

Researchers are calling for a global health convention that requires all governments to share the costs of research and development (R&D), by signing an international treaty, to increase access for communities that are least able to pay for medical innovation (usually those with the highest need).

In an interview with allafrica.com the policy and advocacy director of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Michele Childs, says that "the current model for funding R&D and the agenda-setting are flawed". She advocates the need to expand access to medicines for neglected communities, such as Africa.

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Fight against schistosomiasis is new target of WHO

Brazil has suggested the drafting of a resolution dedicated to all the neglected diseases, to be submitted in 2013, during the next World Health Assembly

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently approved, at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, the resolution that determines the development of actions for the elimination of schistosomiasis, a disease that affects 200 million people worldwide. The document's aim is to promote access to essential drugs for the treatment of the problem and to mobilize resources for activities of control, sanitation and health education.

In Brazil, about 500 people currently die from schistosomiasis and 1,000 are hospitalized with a severe form of the disease every year. Rosa Castalia Soares, coordinator of the Ministry of Health's Program for Hansen's Disease and Diseases in Elimination...

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Swiss researchers try to discover the toilet "of the century"

Program of the I Week of Sickle Cell Anaemia Awareness is defined

Germany will receive toxic waste caused by catastrophe in India

Off the government's radar, the country has 700,000 families in extreme poverty

In crisis, G8 appeals to private sector to combat hunger

Donations against hunger only cover 1% of needs

Some tropical vaccines will cost 80% less

Similar symptoms confuse leptospirosis diagnosis in Manaus

Malaria cases rise 48% with Amazon river floods

Research against malaria: first vaccine should be ready in 3 to 5 years

Emission of pollutants widens tropical zone in the Northern hemisphere

Research tries to identify causes of motorcycle accidents

CAS will discuss "epidemic" of motorcycle accidents

Deaths from dengue fever drop by 80% in 2012

AIDS patients have higher death risk

USA: committee requests authorization for AIDS test in pharmacies

Cuban regime keeps AIDS virus under tight control

Canal Livre debates public health policies

Physician says that fetal deformation is a consequence of mercury in mines in Madeira

39 cities in SP to offer rapid syphilis test on SUS

Mission in Angola...

Emerging and re-emerging tropical diseases in the XXI Century

IMSS alerts on the tuberculosis epidemic in Mexico

Mexico: the triumph of violence

WHO: Homicide in latin-america is an epidemic

Paraguay is the country with the highest number of motorcycle deaths in the world

Cholera emergency in the Somali region of Middle Shabelle

AIDS patients have greater risk of cardiac death (study).

Lack of toilets poses serious health risk

United Nations sets up Yemen famine aid

Sudan: Darfuri Movements Appeal to World to Save People From Famine

Australia can beat virus-related cancers if we only show the will

Hypertension and diabetes on the rise worldwide, says UN report

Brain tapeworms are more common than previously thought, study warns

Obama Administration Blocks Global Health Fund To Fight Disease In Developing Nations

Nothing to marvel: Kolkata slams The Avengers for 'slums and disease' scenes

Biodiversity loss can trigger rising allergy levels

Reversing the World's Neglect of Easily Cured Tropical Diseases

Elephantiasis, Snail Fever, Roundworm, More: Eliminating 7 Neglected Diseases that Affect World's Poorest by 2020

Incentivizing research and development

Ghana: Airdrops to Fight Schistosomiasis

Tenofovir proves an effective and safe HIV treatment during pregnancy

Nigeria: Mission to Eradicate River Blindness From Communities

New treatment could tackle preventable causes of death for newborns in sub-Saharan Africa

High Rate Of Malaria And Sexually Transmitted/Reproductive Tract Infections In Sub-Saharan Pregnant Mothers

Haiti's Cholera Crisis

MSF Concludes Emergency Cholera Intervention Somalia's Middle Shabelle Region

Funding Dries Up Even as Rains Worsen Cholera Deaths

First phase of Haiti cholera vaccination campaign completed

Health experts narrow the hunt for Ebola

Hamilton to manufacture Ebola vaccine

Jumping the Gun on the Wipeout Gene

Congo's malaria surge stumps scientists

Green 'Pond Scum' Holds Hope for Producing Edible Vaccine Against Malaria

Bordentown girl cured of sickle-cell anemia by sister's bone marrow donation

Scientists unravel malaria herb similar to Artemisia annuus

Parasites Can Be Good for You (Seriously)

Drug Found for Parasite That Is Major Cause of Death Worldwide

Bacteria, viruses and parasites 'cause 1.5million cancer deaths each year'

Malaria-Infected Mosquitoes Resist Insecticides In Africa And India

Experts Troubled by New Dengue Outbreaks in Western Hemisphere

On Neglected Tropical Diseases

Thermotherapy. An alternative for the treatment of American cutaneous leishmaniasis

Civil society key to winning war on TB in remote regions

Countries of the Americas promote integrated action to eliminate neglected diseases

Home HIV test should be approved, FDA panel rules

The Only Man Ever Cured from HIV Infection in the World will Share His Experience at the ISHEID Meeting in Marseilles (France) on 23 May 2012

HIV Vaccine Trials Network Opens Enrollment for Phase 1 Trial of GeoVax Labs' Second Generation HIV Vaccine

PEPFAR Is Worth It: Ezekiel Emanuel Is Wrong on AIDS Funding

June 21 and 22

Annual meeting of the SSTMP - Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology - St Gallen, Switzerland

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July 4

6th Conference of the Union Europe Region - London, England

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July 4-6

XV International Symposium of Viral Hepatitis Therapy - Othon Palace Hotel - Salvador/ BA

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July 6 and 11

Third People's Health Assembly (PHA3) - Cape Town, South Africa

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July 9

Course: Leading Management Teams - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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July 22

International AIDS conference - Washington, USA

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July 22-27

64th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for Scientific Progress (SBPC) - Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA) – São Luís/MA

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August 29th - 31st

LSS2012: 'Global Health meets Infection Biology'organized by the Global Health Institute (GHI) - Lausanne, Switzerland

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September 1-6

The International Symposium on Leishmaniais Vaccines - Ouro Preto/MG

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September 19-21

RSTMH 2012 biennial meeting 'Discovery and Delivery of New Paradigms in Global Health' - Warwick, UK

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September 23 to 27

44th Annual Conference of the Society for Vector Ecology Golf Village Resort and Convention Center in St. Augustine, Florida

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September 23 to 27

XVIII Internacional Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria - Rio de Janeiro/RJ

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September 23 to 27

XLVIII Congress of the Brazilian Society for Tropical Medicine - Rio de Janeiro/RJ

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September 26

Meeting to disseminate the findings the project "New tools for monitoring drug resistance and treatment response in Visceral Leishmaniasis in the Indian subcontinent" - Kathmandu, Nepal

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September 27 to 29

28th Meeting of Applied Research in Chagas Disease (The event will take place in conjunction with the "International Congress of Tropical Medicine & Malaria - XVIII ICTMM & XLVIII CSBMT) "Uberaba in Rio 2012"

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September 27 to 29

16ª Reunião de Pesquisas Aplicadas em Leishmanioses (O evento ocorrera em conjunto com o "Congresso Interncional de Medicina Tropical & Malaria - XVIII ICTMM & XLVIII CSBMT) "Uberaba in Rio 2012"

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October 20 to 24

XXXVII Congress of the Brazilian Society of Immunology - Campos do Jordão

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24 March 2013

Third Global Forum on TB Vaccines - Cape Town, South Africa

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May 13 to 17, 2013

Worldleish 5 – V Congresso Mundial de Leishmaniose - Porto de Galinhas/PE

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19-23 May 2013

13th Conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine - Maastricht, The Netherlands

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September 10 to 13, 2013

8th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and Internacional Health - Copenhagen

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September 10 to 13, 2013

5th Conference of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology - Copenhagen

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